Back to Campus

Off to Campus

Okay, admittedly it’s a mixed blessing.

Your teenager is finally finished high school, is excited about the pretty, new diploma and enamored with the idea of headed off to campus to start the next chapter in life and begin the entry  into

adulthood; truly a wonderful time for parent and child alike.

But there are other considerations.


Okay, admittedly it’s a  mixed blessing.

Sexual Assault

The college campus. A place for many of us containing great memories of wonderful friendships and experiences is also a place which brings back the memory of assault, attack and rape for far too many.

According to RAINN  sexual violence on campus is pervasive. Among undergraduate students, 23.1% of females and 5.4% of males experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation. Male college-aged students (18-24) are 78% more likely than non-students of the same age to be a victim of rape or sexual assault.

Other Violent Crimes

These statistics don’t include the other types of crimes they face!

According to College Parents of America Students aged 18 to 24 report about 526,000 violent crimes each year, according to the Violent Victimization of College Students report. Of those, 128,000 “involved a weapon or serious injury to the victim.”

In addition, between 2010 and 2017,  in the U.S. alone there have been over 40 campus attacks with the intention of committing mass mayhem, which resulted in over 150 casualties and over 50 deaths!

Are Our Children Really Prepared for College Life (and Death)?

As parents we have spent the last 18 years preparing our children for college. We have ensured they participated in group activities, sports, debate, Junior Achievers, Forensics, 4H and more. All this so they would develop a well rounded education and advanced social skills.

We have sent them to camps and hired tutors. We have provided books, laptops, tablets and cell phones so the information of the world was at their fingertips.

We have had “THE TALK” about the joys and dangers of life and living.

And now we send them off to school well prepared to face the challenges of higher education and academia, but are they prepared to face the challenges of the predators who stalk, drug, attack, abduct and murder on our campuses?

Provide Your Child Some REAL Life Insurance

Don’t be one of the thousands of parents who look back and “Wish they Had”.

Whether it’s with C.O.B.R.A. or ANY OTHER reputable organization, PLEASE get your child the basics. They deserve the opportunity to live the life you have spent so long preparing them for.

Upcoming “Back to Campus Survival Camp”

Realtors- Easy Targets?

Realtor Self Defense- Are you an easy target?

As you may know, in addition to being active in the Martial Arts for 50 years, owning and operating a Karate School, teaching classes, and managing a C.O.B.R.A. Licensed training center; I also own a remodeling company in the Austin market.


Realtor Self Defense -Homeowner Bound and RobbedIn my capacity as a contractor I offer handy man, repair  and “make ready” services. These services are often utilized by realtors trying to make closing deadlines.

I am constantly amazed that, no matter how many realtors get raped, robbed and killed on an annual basis. Realtors feel they have no need for any kind of safety training (or at least they don’t feel it’s worth the time and effort).

I have heard them say “oh, I’m ok, I went to a 2 hour seminar that gave me the basics”!!!!! REALLY??

And “I have 911 on speed dial” REALLY???

And “I have an LTC/CHL so I’m good”!!!!

The reality is ANY outside sales person that doesn’t realize they are Realtor Self Defense- Sexual Assaultin jeopardy is living in denial. They are targets, period.

I get google updates on a daily basis. It’s amazing how many realtors are attacked on an annual basis, think about it.


Just the other day I got a call from a realtor that needed some window glass replaced. When I arrived there was an attractive young lady ALONE in an empty house waiting for me.

Keep in mind, she had never talked to me before, never seen me before, didn’t knoRealtor Self Defense - Kidnapped and Killedw me from Adam and she invited me into a house where we were the only 2 present. Furthermore, she closed the door behind us and the
first stop she took me to (NEVER ASKED FOR A BUSINESS CARD OR ANY ID) was a BEDROOM that had fogged windows!!


This is dangerous. Whether it’s from my school (we have Realtor Specific training that deals with the special circumstances that realtors face) a COBRA affiliate in another area or through another training agency GET SOME SELF DEFENSE TRAINING.

I’m not talking about years of Martial Arts, someone who is motivated can absolutely learn the basics in a 15-30 hour program but having 911 on speed dial (average response time is 10+ minutes) or a gun in your purse (ANY assailant can disarm and rape/rob you LONG BEFORE YOU CAN GET OUT A GUN) are both worthless once you allow some one the get withing 2 steps of you.

Get some self defense training; it’s REAL LIFE INSURANCE!

For More Information Please Call 512-522-3912 or complete the form below.

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